Handouts and Links for Both Math 111 and Math 112

Basic Skills Exams for Math 111 and 112:  The folder N:\Math\BasicSkillsExams contains
  • The BSE policy,
  • Information about the content of the exams,
  • Sample exams,
  • Lists of problems in the book.
Also, for the Math 112 BSE, there is a handout below on this page "How Quickly Things Go To Zero," which will be helpful on the series convergence problems.

Quantitative Skills Center (QSC):  The math QSC meets in Goodrich 101, Sun - Thurs, 7 - 11 p.m.

Help with Mathematica: See the folder N:\Math\Mathematica on the Caleb drive on the College network.

Extra Credit Offer:  If you find an error in any handout, let me know. If you are the first to report it, you will get some extra credit on quizzes. This includes errors in spelling and grammar, but mathematical errors will be worth more.

Important:  Expectations for group work and writing. 

How to Succeed in a Math Class

New! Dr. Foote's Algebra and Calculus Tips: How to make life easier for yourself, make fewer errors, and get more points

Exams from previous semesters

Resources for algebra, precalculus, and calculus.

Math 111 Handouts

The Deadly Sins of Algebra

Some Subtly Different Max/Min Problems
Read this to learn the difference between a max/min problem that asks for the max and min values of a function, and one that asks for where the max and min occur. Also the difference between local max/min and global max/min.

Math 112 Handouts

Handouts Related to Integration and Antiderivatives

        Numerical Integration Error Estimates

        Basic Antiderivative Formulas You Really Need to Know!!

        Strategies for Computing Antiderivatives

Handouts Related to Series

        Summary of Series Tests
        Especially good for the BSE and the exam on Chapter 11.

        The Improved Ratio Test

        Tips on Using Convergence Tests for Series
        Especially good for the exam on Chapter 11.

        Common Errors on Infinite Series Problems
        Especially good for the exam on Chapter 11.

        Series Review Worksheet for Sections 11.1 -- 11.6 of OZ
        Good for the convergence/divergence problems on the BSE and for the exam on Chapter 11.

        How Quickly Things Go To Zero as n Goes To Infinity
        Especially good for the series convergence/divergence problems on the BSE.

Informal Derivations of Arc Length Formulas and Arc Length in Polar Coordinates
This contains homework problems in polar coordinates.

Enrichment Readings. Here are some additional readings for those who want to see more than is in our text. Some of them contain extra credit problems!

Proof of the Trapezoid Sum Error Estimate

Everything You've Ever Been Taught About Mathematics is a Lie
    A proof that 0 = 1 using integration by parts.

A Comment on Partial Fractions

Mathematical Induction: Why it Works

Convergence Tests For Series: Comments and Proofs
    Part I: The Comparison and Integral Tests
    Part II: The Ratio Test
    Part III: The Limit Comparison and Root Tests
    Part IV: The Alternating Series Test