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Chad Westphal


P.O. Box 352
Dept. of Math and CS
Wabash College
Crawfordsville, IN 47933

(765) 361 6101
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Research Overview :

I am a numerical analyst with broad interests in applied mathematics. Most of the work that I am currently involved with is within the context of least-squares finite element methods for partial differential equations (PDEs) in one form or another. I also foster an interest in developing predictive simulation models for stochastic systems, including election models, infectious diseases, and baseball.

Doing research with undergrads? Check out Ethics for Undergraduate Researchers in Mathematics, a side-project developed with Mike Axtell.

Current and Recent Projects:
  • Numerical methods for non-Newtonian fluids.
  • Adaptively weighted finite element methods.
  • First-order system LL* methods.
  • Least-squares finite element methods for fully nonlinear problems.


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  • Teaching Overview :

    I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Wabash College.

    Spring 2017 Courses:
    CSC 211         Data Structures
    MAT 223 Linear Algebra
    MAT 344 Complex Analysis

    Past Courses:
    MAT 337 (=CSC 337) Numerical Analysis
    MAT 344 Complex Analysis
    MAT 324 Partial Differential Equations
    MAT 224 Differential Equations
    MAT 223 Linear Algebra
    MAT 112 Calculus II
    MAT 111 Calculus I
    MAT 110 Calculus I with Precalculus Review
    MAT 010 Precalculus with an intro to Calculus
    MAT 108 Discrete Mathematics
    MAT 003 Precalculus
    CSC 271         (=MAT 277) Special Topics: Stochastic Simulation
    CSC 211         Data Structures
    CSC 112         Advanced Programming
    CSC 111         Intro to Programming (seriously cool class photos)
    C&T 201         Cultures and Traditions
    FRC Freshman Colloquium, Enduring Questions
    APPM 4660    Numerical Analysis II (University of Colorado)
    APPM 4650    Numerical Analysis I (University of Colorado)
    APPM 2350 Calculus III for Engineers (University of Colorado)
    APPM 1350     Calculus I for Engineers (University of Colorado)
    PHY 1214 General Physics II (Tulsa Community College)
    PHY 1114 General Physics I (Tulsa Community College)

    Personal :
    The Westphal family consists of Chad and Amy, our two kids, Henry and Adah, and our dogs. Have a look at our (outdated) photos page if you're interested.

    We live in Crawfordsville, Indiana, a nice small town an hour from Indianapolis. Before moving here in the summer of 2004, we lived in Lafayette, Colorado, just outside the People's Republic of Boulder. Before that we lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

    I spend most of my time either working or with my family, as I should. Theoretically, if I had lots of free time I'd spend it woodworking, snowboarding, mountain biking, skateboarding and playing disc golf. In what seems like another lifetime, I was an avid skateboarder. Now I just enjoy getting outdoors in any way I can. I'm a bit of a presidential history buff, but only enough to be annoying. I sometimes pretend I can play the banjo, but I'm really much better at listening to bluegrass and classic country music.

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