Pictures of Prytz Planimeters

Here's a Prytz planimeter I had made in the college maintinence shop. 

It's made from an old chemistry ring stand!

Here it is in use.

Here are two more made for Larry Bates ...

Planimeters of this type were manufactured commercially starting in 1887 by the Copenhagen firm of Cornelius Knudsen.  If you know of the existence of one of these original Prytz planimeters, I would appreciate hearing from you!

Here is one that was probably manufactured in Holland (it came with instructions in Dutch) in the late 1800's or early 1900's.

From the collection of Bob Otnes

Here's a variation designed and marketed starting in 1896 by an engineer named Goodman.  Note the curved scale incorporated into the bar.

From the collection of Bob Otnes

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