Nuclear physics works best when a few  things happen: some one has a good insight , a bunch of people work really hard to build an experiment to investigate it, and a good device delivers interesting data to curious physicists!
The MoNA project has been exactly this kind of an experience for me.
Selected Publications

“Measurement of the Gamow-Teller Strength Distribution in 58Co via the 58Ni(t,3He) reaction at 115 MeV/nucleon” A.L. Cole, H. Akimune, Sam M. Austin, D. Bazin, A.M. van den Berg, G.P.A. Berg, J. Brown, I. Daito, Y. Fujita, M. Fujiwara, S. Gupta, K. Hara, M.N. Harakeh, J. Jänecke, T. Kawabata, T. Nakamura, D.A. Roberts, B.M. Sherrill, M. Steiner, H. Ueno, and R.G.T. Zegers, Physical Review C (In Press)

“Reaction and proton-removal cross sections of 6Li, 7Be, 10B, 9,10,11C, 12N, 13,15O and 17Ne on Si at15 to 53 MeV/nucleon”, R. E. Warner, F. Carstoiu J. A. Brown, F. D. Becchetti, B. Davids, A. Galonsky, M. Horoi, J. J. Kolata, A. Nadasen, D. A. Roberts, R. M. Ronningen, C. Samanta, J. Schwarzenberg, M. Steiner, and K. Subotic, Physical Review C (In Press)

“Fabrication of a modular neutron array: A collaborative model to undergraduate research”, R. H. Howes, T. Baumann, M. Thoennnessen, J. Brown, P.A. DeYoung, J. Finck, J. Hinnefeld, K.W. Kemper, B. Luther, P.V. Pancella, G.F. Peaslee, W.F. Rogers, and S. Tabor, American Journal of Physics (March 2005) 
“Weak interaction strengths for supernovae calculations via the (t, 3He) reaction on medium-heavy nuclei”, R.G.T.Zegers, A.L.Cole, H.Akimune, S.M.Austin, D.Bazin, A.M.van den Berg, G.P.A.Berg, J.Brown, I.Daito, Y.Fujita, M.Fujiwara, K.Hara, M.N.Harakeh, G.W.Hitt, M.E.Howard, J.Janecke, T.Kawabataj T.Nakamura, H.Ueno, H.Schatz, B.M.Sherrill, M.Steiner, Nuclear Physics A758, 67c (2005)
“Construction of a modular large-area neutron detector for the NSCL” T. Baumann, J. Boike*, J. Brown, M. Bullinger*, J.P. Bychoswki*, S. Clark*, K. Daum*, P.A. DeYoung, J.V. Evans*, J. Finck, N. Frank, A. Grant*, J. Hinnefeld, G.W. Hitt*, R.H. Howes, B. Isselhardt*, K.W. Kemper, J. Longacre*, Y. Lu, B. Luther, S.T. Marley*, D. McCollum*, E. McDonald*, U. Onwuemene*, P.V. Pancella, G.F. Peaslee, W.A. Peters, M. Rajabali, J. Robertson, W.F. Rogers, S.L. Tabor, M. Thoennessen, E. Tryggestad, R.E. Turner, P.J. VanWylen, and N. Walker, Nucl. Instr. and Meth. A543, 517-527 (2005)
 “Proton removal from 8B, 9C, and 12C on Si at 20-70 MeV/nucleon”, R.E.Warner, F.D.Becchetti, J.A.Brown, A.Galonsky, J.H.Kelley, A.Nadasen, R.M.Ronningen, J.A.Tostevin, J.S.Winfield, P.Zecher, Phys.Rev. C 69, 024612 (2004)

“Gamma-ray spectroscopy with a low-energy 6He radioactive ion beam” S.M.Vincent, A.Aprahamian, J.J.Kolata, L.O.Lamm, V.Guimaraes, R.C.deHaan, D.Peterson, P.Santi, A.Teymurazyan, F.D.Becchetti, T.W.O'Donnell, M.Lee, D.A.Roberts, J.A.Zimmerman, J.A.Brown, Nucl.Instrum.Methods Phys.Res. A491, 426 (2002)
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“Elastic Scattering and Transfer in the 8Li + 209Pb System Near the Coulomb Barrier” J.J.Kolata, V.Z.Goldberg, L.O.Lamm, M.G.Marino, C.J.O'Keeffe, G.Rogachev, E.F.Aguilera, H.Garcia-Martinez, E.Martinez-Quiroz, P.Rosales, F.D.Becchetti, T.W.O'Donnell, D.A.Roberts, J.A.Brown, P.A.DeYoung, J.D.Hinnefeld, and S.A.Shaheen, Physical Review C65, 054616 (2002)
“Total Reaction and Neutron-Removal Cross Sections of (30-60)A MeV Be Isotopes on Si and Pb” R.E.Warner, M.H.McKinnon, J.S.Needleman, N.C.Shaner, F.D.Becchetti, D.A.Roberts, A.Galonsky, R.M.Ronningen, M.Steiner, J.A.Brown, J.J.Kolata, A.Nadasen, and K.Subotic, Physical Review C64, 044611 (2001)
“Production of A=6, 7 Nuclides in the + Reaction and Cosmic Ray Nucleosynthesis” D.J.Mercer, S.M.Austin, J.A.Brown, S.A.Danczyk, S.E.Hirzebruch, J.H.Kelley, T.Suomijarvi, D.A.Roberts, and T.P.Walker, Physical Review C63, 065805 (2001)
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