Jim Brown
Associate Professor of Physics
Wabash College
Office: Goodrich 308 
Phone: (765) 361-6282
Fax: (765) 361-6340
  1. University of Michigan, MS 1990, PhD 1993
  2. Kalamazoo College, BA 1987
  1. Wabash College, Assistant Professor 2003-7. Associate Professor 2007-Pres
  2. AAAS Science and Technology Fellow at NSF (2008-9)
  3. Millikin University, Assistant Professor 1998-2002, Associate Professor and Chair 2002-3
  4. Allegheny College, Visiting Assistant Professor 1996-8
  5. National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory, Visiting Research Associate 1993-6
  6. Radiophysics, Technical staff 1987-8
  7. Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Technical staff, 1987
Research Interests
  1. In the broadest terms, I’m interested in the experimental determination of the structure of atomic nuclei. Since much of the “easy pickings” in the field were made much earlier (by other researchers) using beams of stable nuclei impinging on to targets of naturally occurring nuclei, all of my work now uses beams of unstable nuclei that are not regularly present on the earth. More information can be found at research page!