Apocalypse Then, Apocalypse Now

The Book of Revelation from Rome To Waco

A course on the interpretation of the Book of Revelation, from the early church Chiliasts to Medieval Millenialists and Anarchists,  New World Prophets, the Branch Davideans and a look forward to the 21st century.  This page contains material assembled by Bob Royalty and his students at Church Divinity School of the Pacific, Center for Anglican Life and Learning from January to March, 1997, and students at Wabash College during Fall Semester, 1999.  The contribution of these students is gratefully acknowledge by their instructor.

Course Plan (Fall 1999)

Overview: 20th Century Interpretation of the Apocalypse

The Early Church:  Chiliasm and Augustine

Early Church Writings on the Apocalypse

Augustine and the Millenium
(By John M. Hutchinson)

Medieval Apocalypticism and the Name of the Rose

Apocalypse and the Transformation of Society
(By Joan Kidd)

Apocalyptic Movements
(By John M. Hutchinson)

Apocalyptic Websites and Reviews by Wabash Students


British Museum "Apocalypse"

PBS Frontline "Apocalypse"

PBS Frontline "Waco"

Waco and the Branch Davidians

Under the Beetle's Cellar

Instructor's Home Page

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