Second Centu ry Asia Minor
(The Turkey Class)
Spring 2003 

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"Ancient Christians, Ancient Cities--and Cyberspace?"
Religion 372 Student Projects Spring 2001


Final Group Projects

 Jake Bradley  Ignatius and the Roman Empire


Alexandria Team:
Jake Bradley, Mike Coffey, Chris Gier, and Curtis Ross

 Mike Coffey Ignatius Epistle to the Romans

 Ben Dilworth Christianity and the Asian Metropolises

 Chris Gier  Ephisos


Antioch Team:
Ben Dilworth, Eric Helms, Jeremy Ott, and Tommy Robol

 Eric Helms Justin Martyr and Demons 

 Jeremy Ott  Nontraditional Religion in the Roman Empire

 Tommy Robol  The Polycarp Project

 Curtis Ross  Gnostics and Gnosticism


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