A Little Background

There was a time when I worked professionally as a graphic artist and cartoonist for Gambit, a weekly newspaper in New Orleans. It was there that I developed Jackson the Alligator, Muddy Waters the Nutria, Armand Armadillo, and the other swamp creatures who inhabit my comic strip in The Bachelor, the Wabash student paper. In New Orleans the strip was called Cayenne; at Wabash it is known as Cartooning 101.

In addition, I did a weekly political cartoon for the local Crawfordsville paper, the Journal Review, until they fired me for making fun of mayor Steve Gentry.  Turns out he was Country Club buddies with the publisher, and I got fired along with the editor who investigated the shenanigans I drew about.  He lost the next election—ha ha.  Not a shining moment for freedom of the press, however.


I've also been drawing and painting since I was about two years old.
Here, I meet the Hindu God Ganesh, a frequent figure in my paintings.

Morillo Art

I hope to add to the limited selection here, but for now you can see...

Art Favorites

My two favorite painters are Vermeer and Velazquez. Both have great sites on the Web -- I highly recommend visits.


And currently my favorite comic strips are

Check out their Web sites—these are great cartoons!

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