Professor David E. Maharry

David E. Maharry, Professor of Computer Science

Education: B.S. Muskingum, Physics ('65), M.S. University of Kansas, Physics ('69), Ph.D. University of Kansas, Physics ('71)

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At Wabash since 1979.

 Teaching interests: I teach all of the computer science courses, but especially enjoy those involving data structures, algorithm analysis ( CS 211 and CS 331), theory of computation ( CS 341), and a course in Scientific Computation and Parallel Computation that has been offered a number of times.

I am focusing much of my attention currently on the development of materials for the CS 111 course, Introduction to Computer Science, using java. During the Spring semester of 2001-2002 I was on sabbatical working as a Visiting Lecturer at Carnegie-Mellon University developing materials for the introductory course..

With Professor Carl Singer, of DePauw University, I developed a series of laboratory exercises for an introduction to programming, with an accompanying text or manual. This text was used in the CS 111 course that was taught until the Fall of 1998.

Research interest: I am interested in Undergraduate CS education, especially the introductory course and scientific computation. I have worked at Purdue University with numerical linear system solvers and parallel computation with languages such as HPF (High Performance Fortran) and parallel message-passing software such as MPI and PVM. I was a Visiting Associate Professor in CS at Purdue during the summers of 1994 and 1995. I spent the academic year 1994-95 on a sabbatical leave as a Visting Scholar at the Institute for Advanced Scientific Computation at the University of Liverpool, UK. (I would return to visit England and Wales again on a moments notice if given the opportunity. It was a very special place to be.)

Office: Goodrich 109, Telephone: (765) 361-6305


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