Dave's Funeral - Closing Prayer - JoAn Hulen

O God, you are perfect in every way. You sent your perfect son to this earth that we might be forgiven, and that we might have life eternal with you, when we believe in that son. And you gave us the gift of our earthly son, Dave, who showed us so vividly how to love and be loved, and who showed us how to suffer with such grace. And we grieve, but not as those who have no hope, for when we look at his empty wheelchair, we realize that he is walking, and leaping, and dancing in your presence. And so we receive your comfort and your peace, not as the world gives, but your peace. And we receive your strength for the days ahead without our Dave. And we know that when we are empty you will fill us; and when we are downcast you will lift us up, and bear us up on eagle's wings. I pray for Dave's family, close and extended, for his friends, for his coworkers, for those that he loved many years ago. I pray that each one of us, individually, would find that place in the center of your will, where there is peace and life in our Lord Jesus Christ. And it's in his name that I pray. Amen.