Peter Frederick

Professor of History, Wabash College, Crawfordsville, IN 47933
(765) 361-6318 * FAX (765) 361-6277
Senior Associate, Council of Independent Colleges, One Dupont Circle, Washington DC

Course Syllabi ** Curriculum Vitae ** "History in a Box"


History 41: United States History to 1877

History 44: African American History

History 47: American Indian History


Jane and Frederic M. Hadley Chair in History, Wabash College, Crawfordsville, IN 47933

(765) 361-6318 FAX (765)) 361-6277

Personal: permanent Address: 14 Manning Pl., Crawfordsville, IN 47933

married, Kathy; children, Jeffrey (35, d) and Jennifer (32)

b. Feb. 7, 1937; health: excellent (765) 362-8560

Education Hon. D. H. L., Albion College, 1991

& Degrees: Ph.D. in History, U. of California, Berkeley, 1966

M.A. in American Culture, U. of Michigan, 1960

B.A. in History, Harvard, 1959

Additional Training:

N.T.L. Workshop in Faculty and Organizational Development, Bethel, Maine, 1978

Lilly Endowment workshop on Illuminative Evaluation, Colorado College, 1977


Experience: Professor, Wabash College, 1976----

Benedict Distinguished Visiting Professor and Coordinator, Learning and Teaching Center,

Carleton College, 1992-94

Faculty Fellow and Co-Director, ACM/GLCA Newberry Library Humanities Seminar, "The Self in Context: Explorations of Selfhood in Western Cultures,'' 1989.

Visiting Fulbright professor, Univ. of Vienna, 1982-83

Associate Professor, Wabash College, 1969-76

Assistant Professor, California State University, Hayward, 1964-1969

Part-time Instructor, San Francisco State, 1963-64

Teaching Assistant, U. of California, Berkeley, 1960-63

Administrative Chair, Division of Social Sciences, Wabash, 1982-89,

Experience: Two terms as co-director of sophomore core course at Wabash;

Chair, History Department, 1994-99

Coordinator, Learning and Teaching Center, Carleton College, 1992-94,


American Historical Association (AHA)

Organization of American Historians (OAH)

Society for History Education; Committee on History in the Classroom

Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education (POD) (Core Committee, 1986- 89)(1991- 94)

American Association for Higher Education (AAHE)

American Association of Colleges & Universities (AAC&U)

Courses Regularly Taught:

African-American History (every year since 1968); American History Survey; American Indian History and Cultures; the Novel as History; Reform Movements; the 1960s; Multicultural American Autobiography ("Lives and Voices"); Educational Methods in Social Studies

Various proseminars in 19th Century social and intellectual history: Reconstruction, Slavery,

the 1890s, W. E. B. Du Bois, 19th century Women, etc.; the Plains Indians

Interdisciplinary sophomore core course in Humanities, Cultures & Traditions,

1975-1999 (Co-chair 1978-81, 1990—92)

Awards and Honors:

Eugene Asher Distinguished Teaching Award, American Historical Assn. (AHA), Jan. 5, 2001

(one given annually to recognize "outstanding teaching and advocacy for history teaching")

Distinguished Educator Award, Teaching and Learning Center, Indiana State University, 1998

Hon. D. H. L., Albion College, 1991

Wabash College delegate to Faculty Forum on Exemplary Teaching, AAHE Conference, San Francisco, April 1990, Washington 1991.

Newberry Library Fellowship, Spring 1990, for Indian Autobiography

Wabash College nominee to the AAHE and Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching Salute to ``faculty members giving extraordinary educational leadership (in the cause of improving teaching and learning) to their campus—and beyond'' (1986)

Charles D. LaFollette Lecture, ``The Stream of Souls: A Parable of Social Science,'' Wabash College, Nov. 1, 1985

Fulbright Lectureship in American Culture, University of Vienna (Austria), 1982-83

National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship for College Teachers, Seminar on Amer. Autobiography at Dartmouth, 1975-76

McLain-McTurnan Award for Faculty Excellence, Wabash College, 1975

Final Round, Frederick Jackson Turner Award of the Organization of American Historians, awarded annually to the best manuscript by students of American history with no previously published book, 1974

National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Stipend for Younger Scholars, 1971

Outstanding Lecturer Award, California State College, Hayward, 1969

Distinguished Teaching Award, California State College, Hayward, 1967 (faculty selected)

Fellowship to ``Project Changeover,'' for innovation in teaching, Union for Research and Experimentation in Higher Education, summers 1967-68


Knights of the Golden Rule: The Intellectual as Christian Social Reformer in the 1890s (Lexington, Ky.: University Press of Kentucky, 1976)

The American People: Creating a Nation and a Society, Gary Nash, Julie Jeffrey, et al, a six-author American history college textbook. (New York: HarperCollins, 1986). I wrote six 19th century chapters and was responsible for the pedagogical features, featuring a "Recovering the Past'' documents section, throughout the text. (5th edition, Longman Publishers, 2000).

Teaching the American People: A Guide for Instructors, with Julie Roy Jeffrey, and Student Study Guides for The American People, with Julie Roy Jeffrey (HarperCollins, 1986, 1998)

American History in a Box, an innovative primary source, archival-like "Book/Box" for

students in survey American History courses (Longman, forthcoming, summer 2001)

"In Fear of Academic Backlash,'' AAUP Bulletin (Winter 1969): 8-12

"Vida Dutton Scudder: the Professor as Social Activist,'' The New England Quarterly 43 (September 1970): 407-33

``Is Someone in the Classroom with Clio?'' The History Teacher 5 (January 1972): 7-19

``The American Dream in the 1960s,'' Ch. 20 of Present in the Past, eds. Armin Rappaport and Richard Traina (N.Y.: Macmillan, 1972)

``A Life of Principle: Ernest Howard Crosby and the Frustrations of the Intellectual as Reformer,'' New York History 54 (Oct. 1973): 397-423

``An American Character and Educator: Robert W. Frederick, 1899-1973,'' Intellect 102 (December 1973): 154-57

``The American Dream and Educational Innovation,'' Improving College and University Teaching 23 (Summer 1975): 133-42, 144

``The Dreaded Discussion: Ten Ways to Start,'' Improving College and University Teaching 29 (Summer 1981): 109-14 (widely reprinted)

``Ernest H. Crosby: Tolstoyan Apostle of Peace,'' Peace Research (June 1983): 28-35

``The Lively Lecture: Eight Variations,'' College Teaching (Spring 1986): 43-50

``Student Involvement: Active Learning in Large Classes,'' in Teaching Large Classes Well, ed. Maryellen Gleason Weimer, New Directions for Teaching and Learning, No. 32, Winter 1987, San Francisco: Jossey-Bass (Ch. 5, pp. 45-56)

``Ceremonies and Medicine Wheels: Teaching Indian History to Non-Indians,'' in Teaching American Indian History, #10 (1988) Occasional Papers in Curriculum Series of the D'Arcy McNickle Center for the History of the American Indian, The Newberry Library, Chicago

``Involving Students More Actively in the Classroom,'' in The Department Chairperson's Role in Enhancing College Teaching, ed. Ann F. Lucas, New Directions in Teaching and Learning Series, TL #37 (San Francisco, Jossey-Bass, Spring 1989).

``The Power of Story,'' AAHE Bulletin 43 (December 1990): 3, 5-8.

``Changing Collegial Conversations,'' The Department Advisor, (Spring 1991): 1-5

``The Medicine Wheel: Emotions and Connections in the Classroom,'' To Improve the Academy, Vol. 10, 1991, A Publication of the Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Educ. (Stillwater, OK: New Forums Press): 197-214.

``Active Learning in History Classes,'' Teaching History, Vol. 16 (Fall 1991): 67-83

``The Stream of Souls: A Parable of Social Science,'' in The Community of the Humanities, LaFollette Lectures, 1985-1990, ed. Raymond B. Williams (Crawfordsville, IN: Wabash College, 1992)

"Motivating Students by Active Learning in the History Classroom," a Teaching

Innovations feature in Perspectives, Amer. Hist. Assn. Newsletter 31 (Oct. 1993), updated

and reprinted in Perspectives on Teaching Innovations: Teaching to Think Historically

(Washington, DC: American Historical Association, 1999), pp. 51-63

"Faculty Stories: Conversations for Collegiality," in Faculty as Teachers: Taking Stock

of What We Know, ed. Maryellen Weimer, The Pennsylvania State University –

National Center on Postsecondary Teaching, Learning, and Assessment, 1993

"Teachers as Learners: the Asheville Institute on General Education," Liberal Education

80 (Winter 1994): 20-23

"Classroom Discussions," in Handbook of College Teaching: Theory and Applications,

eds., Keith Pritchard & R. M. Sawyer (Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1994), 99-109

"Walking on Eggs: Mastering the Dreaded Diversity Discussion," College Teaching 43

(Summer 1995): 83-92

"Active Learning in History Classes," Chap. 9 in Harvey Foyle, ed., Interactive Learning

in the Higher Education Classroom (Washington DC: NEA Professional Library, 1995)

"Thinking Historically in the Classroom," AHA Perspectives 33 (Oct 1995): 23-24, updated

and reprinted in Perspectives on Teaching Innovations: Teaching to Think Historically

(Washington, DC: American Historical Association, 1999), pp. 3-7

"Motivating Students through Active Learning in the History Classroom," History Teaching and

Learning in Higher Education. eds., Alan Booth and Paul Hyland (Manchester University Press,

United Kingdom, 2000

"Diversity in the Classroom," ADVOCATE (for NEA members in higher education), (February 2000)

"Learning from the Inside Out," in Lecturing: Case Studies, Experience and Practice, edited by Helen Edwards, Brenda Smith & Graham Webb (London: Kogan Page Ltd., 2001)

Very occasional Book Reviews for Indiana Magazine of History; Journal of Southern History



Continuing and Current:

Senior Staff Associate, Council of Independent Colleges (CIC), One Dupont Circle, Wash. DC:

Faculty Roles, Faculty Rewards, and Institutional Priorities; (faculty development, evaluation

and assessment in relation to student learning, etc.); CIC Faculty Regional Workshops

Advisory Committee and Program Staff of Great Lakes Colleges Assn. (GLCA) Faculty Development Program 1974—. GLCA Workshop on Course Design and Teaching, Summers, 1977--. GLCA Multicultural Diversity Workshop, 1993--

Consultant with the Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion:

A Lilly Endowment Program for Faculty in Seminaries, Colleges and Universities

Consultant, organizational and faculty development and program reviews at several colleges: Allegheny, Carleton, DePauw, Eckerd, Heritage, Hope, Nazareth of Rochester, Rollins, Rust, Salem, St. Olaf, Whitman, and at Indiana State University, Univ. of North Florida, Univ. of Massachusetts, Amherst

Consultant with United Kingdom History Teaching subject centres located at the Univ. of Nottingham and Bath Spa University College

Recent Past:

Consultant, Staff Training and Presenter: Institute at Indiana State University, Democracy and Diversity: Building a Pedagogy of Pluralism," funded by NEH, spring & summer, 1996

Organized and led plenary workshop on "Helping Faculty Help Students to Learn," annual CIC Dean's Institute, Hilton Head, November, 1994

Organized and led workshop for ACAD (American Conference of Academic Deans) on "Creating a Collegial Culture of Commitment to Learning and Teaching (with limited resources), at AAC&U Conference, Washington, DC, January, 1994

Faculty Development consultant to the newly-formed Associated Colleges of the South, 1992-96

Consultant to Faculty Development Program of the United Negro College Fund (designing workshops, staff training, etc.) 1988-89.

As Historian:

"Making Connections for Active Learning in History: An American’s Experience and Perspective,"

Keynote address (interactive) at The History Conference 2001, Learning and Teaching Support Network,

Manchester, United Kingdom, April 5, 2001

"Connecting Students with the Past Through Active Learning," OAH Midwestern Regional Conference,

Iowa State University, August 3-6, 2000

"Active Learning," History 2000 Teaching Conference, University of York, United Kingdom, April 14,

2000, at the School of History, University of Leeds, May 9, and a month of consulting with the newly-designated national History Teaching subject centre at the University of Nottingham, spring, 2000

"Rethinking the American History Survey: An Interactive Session," AHA, Atlanta, January 5, 1996

"Interactive Learning in the U.S. Survey Course," Wisconsin Conference on the Teaching of History, April 21-22, 1995

Coordinator and Leader, "Active Learning'' in History Teaching Workshops, OAH/FIPSE Project,

1986-88: Moravian College, Pa., Middle Tennessee State University, Southeast Missouri State

University, and Framingham State College, Mass.

"Active Learning in History Classes,'' with Julie R. Jeffrey, OAH, Philadelphia (1987), Reno (1988)

"Biographies, Bio-histories, Minorities, and Us,'' with Julie Jeffrey, Northeast Regional conference on

Social Studies, Boston, 1990.

"Active Learning in History Classes,'' GLCA/ACM Conference of Historians, Newberry Library, 1988 and 1989.

"Using American Indian Autobiography in Teaching,'' Native American Studies Teaching Workshop, Kenyon College, 1991.

Educational Evaluation and Program Review:

History Depts.(curriculum and teaching):

Adrian College, Michigan (1985), Bowling Green State University, Ohio (1986), Miami University of Oxford, Ohio (1987) (1988), Macalester College (1989), Moorhead State University (1990), Hamline University (1991), Concordia College (Morehead, MN), 1994-95, North Dakota State College, 1994-95, Indiana University (1992,1997), University of Leeds (2000)

Faculty Development Programs:

College of St. Thomas, Minnesota (1987), Simpson College, Iowa (1987), Sinte Gleska College, Rosebud Reservation, South Dakota (1986-87), Valparaiso University (1989-92), Wilberforce University (1990), Whitman College (1990-91), St. Joseph's College (Indiana) (1991-93), Macalester College, (1992-94), Rollins College, 1992-93, AAC Asheville Institute in General Education, 1993, Hope College, 1993, SUNY-Cortland, 1994, Clark University, Worcester, MA, 1995, Hartwick College, 1996, Rust College, 1996, Illinois Wesleyan Univ., 1996, Colorado College, 1996, Hamline University, 1997, Salem College, 1997, Eckerd College, 1997-1999, Heritage College, 1997-99, Redlands University, 1997, Indiana State University, 1998-99

Workshop Leader and Consultant: (short form list of engagements, 1974-2000)

Designed and led many Faculty Development and Teaching and Learning Workshops for faculty and students, mostly on teaching styles and strategies, motivating students, discussions, course design, active learning in history and other classes, emotions in the classroom, the power of stories in teaching and learning, training faculty to be consultants for each other, starting Teaching and Learning Centers and programs, integrating multicultural content and perspectives into courses, student feedback, evaluations and learning assessment, faculty roles and rewards, etc, at:

Annual Conferences of the Professional and Organizational Development Network, 1978, 1983, 1985, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1992, 1993, 1999

Great Lakes Colleges Assn. Annual Workshop on Course Design and Teaching Styles/Strategies ("reaching our students"), Summers, 1975 — 2000 (except 3-4 years); GLCA Faculty Vitality project, 1986-87; Multicultural Course Design, 1993---2000

AAHE Forum on Exemplary Teaching, 1990-94

1974-1985:Wabash, Denison, Rollins, St. Joseph's (Ind.), Kalamazoo, Millikin, Ohio Wesleyan, Goucher, St.Mary's of the Woods; Central Pennsylvania Consortium, Maryland Independent Colleges Association; Frostburg State College, Indiana University, Hanover College, Adrian College, DePauw University, N.E.H.Midwestern Center and the Indiana Committee for the Humanities

1986: Denison University, Loyola Univ. of Chicago, Indiana University; Lilly Endowment Conference for Historically Black Colleges, Atlanta; Bowling Green (Ohio) State University; Sinte Gleska College, Rosebud Reservation, Mission, S. Dakota; Delta College, Michigan; OAH/FIPSE project: training workshop for teaching workshops sponsored by the Organization of American Historians

1987: Texas A&M Univ., Loyola Univ. of Chicago, Bowling Green State Univ., College of St. Thomas, Simpson College, History Teaching Workshops on Active Learning, Wabash, GLCA, Univ. of Arkansas-Monticello, Sinte Gleska College, SUNY-Brockport, Frostburg State College, DePauw Univ., First Indiana State-Wide Faculty Development Conference, Seventh Annual Lilly Conference on College Teaching, Miami Univ., Oxford, OH.

1988: Thomas More College, Knox College, Indiana University, Ball State Univ., Loyola University of Chicago, University of Maryland Baltimore County, Southeast Missouri State, Framingham State, Keene State College, Keene, NH, The McCallie School, St. Olaf College, SUNY-Plattsburgh, Iowa State, Loyola University of Chicago, Lake Forest College, Eighth Annual Lilly Conference on College Teaching, Miami University, Oxford, OH, University of Minnesota-Duluth.

1989: Indiana University, Ball State University, Livingstone College, Bentley College, University of Mass-Amherst, Union College, Pennsylvania State System Higher Education Academy for the Advancement of College Teaching, Valparaiso University, Saint Xavier College, Lilly Endowment Faculty Development Conference, United Negro College Fund Consortium workshops

1990: Randolph-Macon Women's College, University of St. Thomas, Siena Heights College, Wilberforce University, Roosevelt University, Earlham College; Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) Faculty Regional Workships, Raleigh, NC and St. Louis, MO ; 2d Pennsylvania Higher Education Academy for the Advancement of College Teaching; Tenth Annual Lilly Conference on College Teaching, Miami University at Oxford, Ohio; International Society For Exploring Teaching Alternatives (ISETA); William Jewell College, Mount Union College, Valparaiso University, Millikin University, Saint Xavier College of Chicago, Whitman College.

1991: Miami University of Ohio-Middletown, Greater Cincinnati Consortium of Colleges and Universities, GLCA-Antioch College; West Coast PEW Trust Psychologists; Indiana University; Faculty forum on Exemplary Teaching AAHE 1991 — Washington, D.C.; Rollins College; Albion College; Valparaiso University; St. Joseph's College; Denison University Diversity Workshop; GLCA-Albion, GLCA-Wooster; St. Joseph's College, AAR Workshop on the Teaching of Religion-Wabash; 3rd Pennsylvania Higher Education Academy for the Advancement of Teaching; Jamestown College; Bluffton College; Indiana State University; Pomona College; Meredith College; Keynote address and workshops, Bush Regional Collaboration in Faculty Development Conference, Minneapolis; Carleton College; Lilly Conference on College Teaching, Miami University, Oxford.

1992: Ohio Wesleyan University, Keynote Workshop on ``The Power of Story in the Teaching/ Learning Community,'' Third Annual Conference on Cases, Classroom Research and Conversations from the Teaching/Learning Community, Massachusetts Bay Community College, Denison University Diversity Workshop, Simpson College, GLCA-Kenyon, CLCA-Wooster, American Academy of Religion, 4th Pennsylvania Higher Education Academy for the Advancement of Teaching, Black Hills State University, Richmond University

1993: Concordia College (St.Paul,MN), Hope College, Wartburg College, Macalester College, ACM Associated Colleges of the Midwest Multicultural Curriculum Design workshop, Macalester College, GLCA Multicultural Course Design workshop, College of Wooster, Northern State University, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

1994: Univ. of Wisconsin--Eau Claire, Univ. of Massachusetts, Amherst, Smith College, Mohawk Valley Community College, Utica, NY, Ithaca College, SUNY-Cortland, Bush Regional Collaboration, 6th Pennsylvania Higher Education Summer Academy for the Advancement of Teaching, Harvey Mudd College, CIC annual Dean's Institute, Lilly Conference on Teaching, Oxford, Ohio

1995: Concordia College (Morehead, MN), Clark University, Associated Colleges of the South, at Rollins, 14th Annual Lilly Conference on College Teaching, Oxford, Ohio

1996: Eckerd College, Colorado College, HBCU Faculty Development Conference, Memphis, CIC Faculty Workshops, "Teaching from Within" conference at St. Olaf, Wabash Center for the Teaching of Religion and Theology workshops, GLCA

1997: Albion College, Salem College, Heritage College, North Carolina State University, Association of Theological Schools Dean’s Conference, Wabash Center for the Teaching of Religion and Theology

1998: Keynote address, "The Power of Stories," at Winterfest Teaching and Learning Conference, Indiana State University; Comment, Indiana Assn. of Historians conference on the Civil Right movement, Royal College of Music, London; DePauw University; Illinois Wesleyan University, 17th Annual Lilly Conference on College Teaching, Oxford, Ohio ("The Dreaded Diversity…")

1999: DePauw University, Colorado College, University of Virginia, University of North Florida, University of South Florida, Heritage College, Evergreen State College, Wesleyan College (Georgia), Nazareth College, 18th Annual Lilly Conference on College Teaching, Oxford, Ohio, CIC National Institute: "Creating Cultures of Learning," St. Louis, MO, Univ. of Wisc.-Stevens Point, College of St. Catherine

  1. St. Olaf, Carleton, North Carolina State University, College of St. Catherine, Grand Valley State Univ., Oakland Community College, Rollins College Conference on Faculty Development in Liberal Arts Colleges, College of St. Catherine again, United Kingdom History Teaching 2000 Conference, York, Univ. of Nottingham, University of Leeds, Southwestern University, DePauw University

2001 Allegheny College; Keynote Session: "Making Connections for Active Learning in History," The History Conference 2001, United Kingdom Learning and Teaching Support Network, Manchester, England; Carleton College, St. Olaf College, Lawrence University, Drexel University

Current Work: